24 Hour Dentistry

24 Hour dentists work hard to fulfill the needs of their customers. Most of these types of dentist offices are not exactly similar to your regular dental office you might visit everyday.


A 24 hour dentist is typically owned and operated not by 1 specific dentist but by an entrepreneur such as myself. In my experience, it is smart to have at least 1 or 2 dentists ready to work at your office before you even get started investigating the idea.

I started my 24 hour dentists office in Indianapolis, Indiana one year ago and we have been immensely successful. This blog, however isn’t going to be a marketing tool for my office, so I’m not going to name it here.

I want to keep this blog more focused on business ideas, and dentistry ideas in the emergency dentist market that are going to help 24 hour dentists get started in more places across the United States, because I think the demand is there and the supply needs to be built!

The typical dentist working at a 24 hour dentist shop will work a schedule of 50 hours per week, and dental hygienists will be there to support the patients when the dentist is not in office. Usually there will be a second dentist on staff perhaps part time, or a sort of on-call status to cover late at night appointments, since that is the point of the emergency dentist office. This is how my business is run.

I started with just 1 dentist and tried to cover my patients all with just the one professional, however this was impossible because I couldn’t pay the dentist enough to work 75 hour a week! So I had to branch out and come up with other ideas about how to hire dentists as well as keep costs down so I can be priced right and entice people into my clinic.

Emergency dentistry can be a lucrative field, and I’m even going to be franchising my 24 hour dentist office idea as soon as I can.

This blog is going to be a way to discuss ideas and opportunities in this field and I welcome you to contact me or leave a comment!

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