Gingivitis Ways to Prevent It

Generally, inflamed gums are among the first signs of the gum disease gingivitis. Typically, gingivitis is mild and early stage of gum disease. Mainly, it is the build up of plaque, which is a sticky bacterial substance that releases toxins that irritate the gums and forms on the teeth and gums. Many people will experience […]

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Dental Emergency? What should you do?

Sometimes life can take an unexpected turn. In between busy work/school schedules, child-rearing, outside projects, the unexpected can upend our plans and make life a little more challenging. For instance, dental hygiene, while an ordinary mundane routine that most people partake in, becomes more complicated when an emergency happens. Sometimes teeth are chipped or broken, […]

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Dental School Burnout

I spoke to a young dental student recently and asked him if he would give me his take on dealing with some of the difficulties of Dental School. …w Let’s face it: dental school is had. The hours are long, the hours of studying feel even longer, and your days of coasting through classes are […]

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